My Mets

20 Oct
I grew up in upstate New York in the early 60’s and it seemed everyone was a fan of the NY Yankees. For a rebellious eight year old, the New York Mets became my team of choice. They were the only other team on local radio and I can remember the voices of Lindsay Nelson and Bob Murphy calling the games.
They were awful. But I stuck with them through those hapless years and was rewarded in 1969 when they won the World Series. Gil Hodges was their manager as they won 100 games in the regular season. It was the first year of divisional playoffs where the Mets disposed of the Atlanta Braves.
They defeated the Baltimore Orioles in five games to win the World Series, first baseman Donn Clendenon being named World Series MVP. But there are so many memorable names from that team – Clean Jones, Ed Kranepool, Al Weis, Bud Harrelson, Jerry Grate, Art Shamsky, Tommy Agee, Ron Swoboda, Gary Gentry, Jerry Koosman, and of course Tom Seaver.
Seaver caused controversy in our household when he spoke against the drafting of young men to fight the Vietnam War. My father, a Marine Corps veteran who served in Korea, wanted to take a baseball bat to Seaver’s head.
One twist of fate from that series is the man to make the final out in the final game was Oriole Dave Johnson. Seventeen years later Johnson would be the Mets manager when they won their second World Series.
Hoping 2015 brings us #3. Go Mets!mets-logo

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