Saratoga Weeks 4-7 Seen at the Track continued

18 Sep
Week #4
My cousin Jerry and his son Jake…New friend Tom returns, buys two horses at the sales, one because he looked at Tom…Saratoga resident Bill Parcells went 85G at the sales for a yearling…Andrew returns without Amy… The 64 Hours of Fun Crowd – Ken, Allen,and Mark for 3 days…Johnny-Boy with Marcie, many times from their stay at the Sagamore in Bolton Landing…

Week 5
Mark Amorese returns as a house guest. We had a wonderful dinner at Three Vines and he delivered the cigar of the meet…Rick West of Honeoye Falls with Carol and friends…Return visits from John Matarazzo, Marty Quinn, and Bob Zimmer (this time with two Toms)…

Week 6
Vince and Michael Luccitelli, they would have a group at Three Vines that included Howe School Seven members Mike Caruso and Bob Campolieto…Steve Tiarget and Tom Jamieson, Al Adelson with The Laz brotherss. Al would later drop by the house and leave us some high end cured meats. Ken Hefner, Don (Nate) Lang, Jim Curry, Danny Caf, and house guests Jackie and Jeff Rubinstein. The Rubinsteins brought Sylvester “Kitty City” which he has been a resident of since their departure. Paul and Donna Notar along with their boys…

Week Seven
Judge Bill Kocher with wife Mary, friends Carol and Mickey, later at the Parting Glass….John Feldman…TJ and Dave Jamieson with Bob Whale…Dennis Carroll and Paul Feldman…. Rubinsteins again this time with college grads…John Matarazzo, Scott and Connie Durgan, Zimmer family…Cafarelli family…Saratoga neighbors Paula and Al Carter… Joey D and Tina…

Thanx to all for stopping by my table. Already looking forward to 2016!

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