Saratoga Visitors

1 Sep

First Four Days
I wasn’t the only one to be happy to be in Saratoga. My cat Sylvester brought me three mice his first night in town…Seen at the track were five Luccitelli’s from Boston, who came to Saratoga in three cars…Marty Quinn with paddock passes, thank you very much…Tablecloth Tony everyday at 7 AM…Joey D and SO Tina..Then Joey D and daughter #2 Gabby…Chris Kelsey visiting Ogre and Tony…Three Zinicola’s, completing the Vinnie East (Luccitelli) and Vinnie West (Zinicola) double…Johnny-Boy who grabbed a day before returning to Florida…John was the fifth member of the “Howe School Seven” to attend…And that was just the first four days…

Week #2
Bob Zimmer and Tom Miller…Phil DiMaria and Phil Valenti, the latter making a score and treating us to dinner at Three Vines Bistro…Johnny Matarazzo ventured over from his plush job at Saratoga Racino…Neighborhood pal Bill Carroll with cigars, thank you very much…Jerome Fitzgibbon with Rochester liquor friends Mike and Kelly Drabek…Jerome spent a few bucks at the sales and introduced me to Tom Ferreri, horse owner and attorney from Louisville. Tom knows former NBA’er Felton Spencer, also from Louisville, who I met in the Orleans sportsbook in Vegas. Small world…Amy Luccitelli and several attractive friends…Ed Woisin who abandoned me once he got his free cooler bags…

Week #3
Mark Amorese (scotch, cigar) with Carla and Tom from St. Petersburg, one of Mark’s four visits to the Spa…Honeoye Falls resident Tom Jamieson…More Jerome and friends…Bill and Gina Hurley who brought lunch to the track and then Gina threw together dinner for six at home. Very impressive and thank you…Stan Lehman popped in with novice John Erb. Hope to see them both on our annual September “EX” travaganza…And then the Rabbit Room girls made an appearance. Hours late of course but six beauties from Honeoye Falls who spent two nights at the house. Hours of conversation, gallons of drinks, pounds of food, and cartons of cigarettes. Meals at Henry Street Tap Room and the Horseshoe. Taking Maria to the airport I crossed paths with three returning from their night out. It was nearly 5 AM. Thanx for all the goodies, including Tam’s cigar…After that week one dark day wasn’t enough for recuperation…

No No

Saratoga NY

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