VODKA – is it taste, ingredients, or who you are trying to impress? How do YOU choose? (VOL 1)

7 Aug

The Vodka market has grown into a huge array of choices. Unusual flavors, healthy varieties, the “Russian-ness”, the image factor…. With so many possible brands and varietals, each has needed to come up with their own distinctive marketing to standing out. When making a decision to purchase or choosing which to put into your martini – what do you think about?

In the article titled “Vodka” in Beveragemedia – Upstate Edition July 2015, they start the piece with “Despite the spirit’s decidedly Eastern European origins, the story of vodka in the United States is like a metaphor for the American Dream: essentially making something out of nothing. The ‘nothing’ in question is the notion that vodka is, by definition, a neutral spirit without color, flavor or odor. It’s the ultimate blank canvas; its value is derived from savvy marketing and being able to tell a good brand story.”

Sleek packaging, unusual flavor combinations, unique base ingredient, unique marketing, individual distilling methods, even a perfect stalk of prairie grass, gives each brand their distinctive twist.

In VOL 2 I will go into details about ICONS & LUXURY, FLAVORS, INGREDIENTS, and my conclusion on the topic! I will post this later next week….

Cya in Saratoga!

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