“MAYBE” is the New “NO”

30 Apr

Maybe I am just getting old. Or I want to blame the failings of the world on new media. But have you noticed how no one says “no” anymore?

It is too easy for you to say, “Sure Joe. Put me on your email distribution list.” “I’ll read your blog.” “I will absolutely be your friend.”

But I don’t know how much attention, if any, you are paying to my mail, rants, and Facebook posts. You just want me to like you so you politely accept my invitations then choose to ignore the content.

The real problem is when I require your physical presence. Whether it be for volunteer work or just a lunch. You have gotten so used to saying yes that when pressed you have forgotten how to say “no.” So you say “maybe” and then don’t show up.

“Yes” means “maybe” and “maybe” means “no”.


For those chasing the big races out of Kentucky this weekend I like Birdatthewire to win the Kentucky Oaks on Friday and Far Right to catch them all in Saturday’s Derby.

No No

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