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The Passing of a Great Woman – and now a Great Man

23 Mar

My mother Marianne died peacefully this morning of complications from ALS. She was 6 weeks shy of her 84th birthday. My mother was an amazing woman who lived an extraordinary life. She raised 6 children, was a devoted and loving wife of 59 years, was a school teacher, senior care volunteer and friend to many. She’ll be remembered for always putting others ahead of herself, for her patience and great sense of humor. During my youth in Schenectady, she was a second mom to many kids in the neighborhood. Her love and care for my father has established a standard that we’ll all aspire to. She was always thinking of others, even in her final days. She will be greatly missed and remembered forever.

Please see link to Mom’s obituary:

Please see link for Dad’s obituary:

I would like to credit my brother John for helping me with this blog….

Then just 22 days later – my Dad. He passed peacefully Friday, March 27th, his body had no more to give.

John Notar's photo.     John Notar's photo.  dad

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