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Easter Dinner

27 Feb

One of the more common questions in the store is what to pair with Easter dinner. Since baked ham is often the main course I’ll make that the focus of today’s entry.

Ham is a strong-flavored meat, often served with sweet glazes and sauces. The challenge is to find a wine that offsets the sweetness but doesn’t overwhelm the meat.

A dry Riesling will have some fruit and a little sweetness. It’s an obvious choice for ham and popular among those that drink wine. Colonial Liquor has a number of dry Rieslings including three from New York State – Dr. Frank, Herman Weiner, and Heron Hill. They run in the $13-$17 price range.

For those that want more sweetness the choice would be Gewurtztraminer. Like Riesling, it is native to Germany. This would be a preferred choice for a spicier ham. Heron Hill Reserve and Columbia Crest (Washington State) are two favorites.

A red wine option would be Pinot Noir. Light bodied with some fruit flavor, it will likely pair up with many of the side dishes as well as the ham. Wine by Joe (Oregon), Brotherhood (New York), and Smoking Loon (California) are top sellers at Colonial Liquor. You can find Pinot Noir for as little as $8, and most fall between $9-$18.

Whatever you choose enjoy your meal with good friends and family, and especially some good wine.

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