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A Tale of Two Seasons

12 Nov

An Epitaph from the Future about the 2014 Buffalo Bills, with an apology to fans of Charles Dickens

It was the best of times (before the Buffalo Bills bye week), it was the worst of times (the eight games that follow the bye week), it was the age of foolishness (the Bills can compete for the division title with New England), it was the season of Light (Manuel is not the savior), it was the season of Darkness (neither is Orton), it was the autumn of hope (we’re 5-3), it was the winter of despair (Peyton, Brady, & Rodgers await in December), we had everything before the bye (Jets, a bad Bears team, Minnesota w/o Peterson, Detroit w/o Johnson), we had nothing after the bye (Kansas City, at Miami on short rest, the best Browns team in ten years, GB, NE, Denver), in short, the season was like the others. Lots of noise to begin, hope swallowed by reality, a whimper at the end. A final record of 7-9 and a promise of change.

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