If Screw Tops Came Before Cork

18 Jul

If Screw Tops Came Before Cork

A question posed to me by a customer, “If screw tops on wine were the norm, would anyone ever consider cork?”

I don’t think so. Especially the way wine is consumed today. A 750 ml bottle (25 ounces) is often emptied in one sitting.

As more wines are sold with screw tops, consumers will get used to them. Also, older consumers prefer the ease of a screw top vs cork and that demographic is growing every day.

The final and likely overriding factor is that screw tops are less expensive than cork. So expect more wine to be in screw top bottles. And as long as people are buying wine, it’s OK with me.

Some of the screw top wines for sale at Colonial Liquor:
Ciconia White and Red
Three Brothers
Hazlitt White and Red Cat
Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Moscato, Riesling – Many


The August Place To Be

And that of course is Saratoga Springs, NY. Today it has become more of an annual retreat as opposed to back in the day when the City revolved around 24 days of world-class thoroughbred racing in August.

Racing begins Friday, July 18 and concludes on Labor Day. Tuesdays are dark (no racing, I just shove my money under e locked gate).

One of the biggest attractions to attending the races is the New York Racing Association takes a blind eye to what you bring into the facility in your cooler. Food and ANY beverage is allowed! Just nothing in glass containers. Beer, vodka, wine – all ok. Big savings for a large group.

My favorite post-race place (and there are too many to count) is the Henry Street Tap Room. Top beer menu in town, ever-changing food menu, a staff that seems to enjoy their job make this a best bet.

Another choice is the Horseshoe Bar and Grill. My favorite time to visit isn’t after the races (when they have a country band) but in the morning when the horse workouts have been completed. The Horseshoe serves an awesome breakfast, I’m a fan of their omelets. But it’s their Bloody Mary that will win your heart.

Hope to see you at the track. As Harvey Pack would say, “May the horse be with you!”.

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