Opinions on The Academy Awards…

28 Feb
The Academy Awards are Sunday night. And while I find it a little perverse that an industry can get TV to cover (and pay a rights fee) while it celebrates itself, Ill be tuning in.
There is no Official Drink so I’ll talk about the only movie I paid at the theatre to see in 2013. American Hustle was fantastic, especially if you remember the 70’s. The writing, costumes, sets, were all as equally terrific as the acting. While everyone raves about Jennifer Lawrence, and there is a lot to rave about, Amy Adams steals scenes. She makes every movie she is in watchable, even Leap Year. To enjoy American Hustle,  bone up on your American political history for the period.
The weather. Has simply been awful. If it’s not snowing, it’s cold. Bone-chilling cold. And no end in sight. With so much snow piled up, and an extended cold spell, it looks like this may be one of those years where we skip right from winter to summer with a week of spring in between. These are evenings for bold red wines, my choice being zinfandels. And the after-dinner drink has become high-proof bourbon. Enjoy whatever your beverage of choice may be and warm yourself with the thought that March Madness selection Sunday is only two weeks away.

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