Just some thoughts from Boston…

20 Feb
When did “snow days” extend from a day off from school to a day off from work? I’ve been in Rochester, Saratoga, and Boston during recent snowstorms. And they have at least one thing in common: People using weather to dodge work. Now I understand if one has kids at home someone may have to be there but it seems any excuse to avoid work is being put to use.
Government is part of the problem as schools are being closed in anticipation of bad weather, some of which never arrives. And the closing of government offices, why? Get to work, or use a sick day. Early dismissal doesn’t make any sense because people are already at the workplace, so get to work. The private sector often follows government’s lead on early dismissal.
Saturday night I was to meet a bunch of friends at a popular suburban Boston restaurant. Certainly I made a reservation. Then the weather hawks started chirping. And apparently people listened. We had a traffic-free drive in light rain to a less-than full restaurant. Great for us, not so good for the eatery or its staff. 
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