Orange Hoops

10 Jan
Not the fault of Syracuse a seemingly difficult schedule has been a piece of cake. They have beaten teams from the Big 10 (2), Big East (2), Big 12 and Pac 12 before they began their ACC schedule. Point guard Ennis is improving by the game and now is usually waiting on his teammates to catch up. Cooney is the reincarnation of Gerry McNamara which unfortunately includes the unexplainable drives to the basket and dishing to whomever. I would cement Cooney to the floor outside the three point line and bench him if his feet touch the paint. The big men lack athleticism and may be the Achilles heel. Grant is constantly shuffling his feet. All said, they are one of the better teams in the country, a cut below Arizona and Michigan State. They would be in trouble against those two, along with a team like San Diego State who pounds the offensive board. But in a tourney setting, they may never meet those that can best challenge them. Color me cautiously optimistic orange that Syracuse can again go deep into the tourney. 


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