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29 Jan

Is there a signature drink for the Super Bowl? A cursory search says no which is kind of difficult to believe. The NFL sells just about all aspects of the game so why not an official cocktail? Can you believe they sell tickets to media day  for $32? That’s where Joe Fan gets to watch journalists ask questions of the players.

Beer appears to be the refreshment most consumed during the Super Bowl and the many pre-game festivities. The event is just too long for the consumption of hard liquor. Colonial Liquor has always had better business on the Sunday of the Daytona 500 vs Super Bowl Sunday.

As to the game itself we like Peyton Manning to complete his dream season with a victory, easier than most think, let’s call it 31-21. Smart guys tell me Seattle will move him out of the pocket and change his game but Denver must know that. I’ll take Denver Coach Fox over his counterpart Carroll in any game. Seattle will need their defense to set up at least one score. Denver must avoid the costly turnover. Pretty simple. And Manning announces his retirement soon after the result is official.


Duke visits the Syracuse Dome on Saturday and we’ll be sponsoring the 3rd annual Orange Blizzard at Flaherty’s in Honeoye Falls. 16 local businesses will be awarding prizes at halftime (6:30 tip off). All one has to do is wear some orange to Flaherty’s and collect their free raffle tickets at the door. WARNING: The place will be packed. As in not-a-seat-to-be-had-90-minutes-before-tip-off-packed. We believe the Orange will keep their undefeated record intact against the improving Blue Devils.

It’s been a terrific year of college hoops. At this juncture I see about 15 teams that could win the NCAA Tourney and six of those play in the Big Ten.

Just thinking……

22 Jan


Annual rant about college hoop coaches who won’t foul with a 3 point lead. Today’s Idiot is Arkansas Coach Mike Anderson whose team went up 3 with 9 seconds remaining against Kentucky Tuesday night. They don’t foul, Kentucky hits the 3 with 2 seconds remaining, overtime. Win or lose, Coach Anderson has already earned Idiot status. I’ve yet to see a team get 3 points from shooting 2 free throws. Amazingly, it happens again at near the end of overtime. I believe Anderson becomes the first Double Idiot. He’s saved only by the failure of the offensive-minded Kentucky frontcourt which fails to box out on a desperate heave as Arkansas jams home the rebound at the OT buzzer. 




Import things to think about Calendar 
January 23, Thursday, 6-8 PM – Wine tasting at North Shore Grill
February 1, Saturday, 6:30 PM – 3rd Annual Orange Blizzard at Flaherty’s as Duke visits the Orange.
February 6, Thursday, 5:30-7:30 PM – Valentine’s tasting at The Rabbit Room
February 8, Saturday 6:30 PM – Casino Night Fundraiser for the benefit of HF Rotary, hosted by The Rabbit Room
April 21, Monday – Boston Marathon
July 18, Friday – Opening day at Saratoga


Orange Hoops

10 Jan
Not the fault of Syracuse a seemingly difficult schedule has been a piece of cake. They have beaten teams from the Big 10 (2), Big East (2), Big 12 and Pac 12 before they began their ACC schedule. Point guard Ennis is improving by the game and now is usually waiting on his teammates to catch up. Cooney is the reincarnation of Gerry McNamara which unfortunately includes the unexplainable drives to the basket and dishing to whomever. I would cement Cooney to the floor outside the three point line and bench him if his feet touch the paint. The big men lack athleticism and may be the Achilles heel. Grant is constantly shuffling his feet. All said, they are one of the better teams in the country, a cut below Arizona and Michigan State. They would be in trouble against those two, along with a team like San Diego State who pounds the offensive board. But in a tourney setting, they may never meet those that can best challenge them. Color me cautiously optimistic orange that Syracuse can again go deep into the tourney. 


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