Rant from the Stands

23 Dec

An excerpt from Joe’s Rant’s email….

If you ever get the chance to visit Mickey Finn’s in Victor, try the Chicken Sausage Soup. Always available on Wednesday…NYRA announces that general admission at Saratoga next summer will be raised from $3 to $5. Clubhouse will also be raised. Takes most of the value away from the Sunday spinners…Mitt Romney’s wife Ann? promoting her cookbook. Like she’s cooked a meal in the past ten years. Donating the paltry proceeds to charity. How about Mitt just cuts loose a few of your 27 automobiles and writes a check…If the Saratoga Harness Track, which has a Racino license, doesn’t get the available Casino license, then the system is truly corrupt…Glenn Clark reports that Bausch & Lomb will be moving their HQ from Rochester to Bridgewater, NJ thanx to a $39M state grant. The same company under different ownership twelve years ago exploited Rochester for all it was worth. And the idiot politicians take their turn getting in line to take it up the ass…In a not-so-insignificant development Johnny-Boy reports Los Alamitos Racetrack has gotten the OK to expand to a one mile track…Charlie Shuman of Pittsford keeps piling up the awards. The latest for the 6’7″ football star is the Scholar-Athlete Award for Section 5. Charlie will be taking his brains and bulk to either Old Dominion or Penn State next year… 

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