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Vodka is the Preferred Choice

7 Jun

The 2012 stats are in. Distilled spirits (liquor) sales volume grew by 3.6%. In dollars, the growth was a hearty 5.4%, representing that most of the increase was due to the growth at the higher end of the market. On the wine side similar numbers tell the same story. Increases of 2.7% in sales volume and 3.9% in sales revenue.

Vodka represents the biggest chunk of the spirits market with its share now at 33% of all spirit sales. Tito’s Vodka, made in Austin, Texas, has had an annual compound growth rate of 46% over the last four years. The only spirit with a better growth rate is Ciroc Vodka, an impressive 53%.

Domestic wine brands grew while imported brands lost market share. Domestic table wines are now 71% of the US market. Gallo’s Barefoot Cellars led the way in 2012 shipping over 15 million cases. It was Gallo’s Apothic that led brands less than five years old with case sales of 980,000.

The above numbers courtesy of the Handbook Advance 2013, published by the Beverage Information Group.

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