Black Eyed Susan

18 May

Blk eyed susanThe Black Eyed Susan is both the name of a horse race and a drink. The race is the 3 year old filly counterpart to the Preakness Stakes. Traditionally run the day before the Preakness it features the leading fillies of the spring season. This year’s winner will be Emollient.

The cocktail Black Eyed Susan is the official cocktail of the Preakness Stakes. Vodka, St. Germain, lemon juice, flavored simple syrup, and bitters. Too much going on for me. Stop at the vodka and I’ll be happy. But every event now has to have a signature cocktail so they can sell sponsorship to a liquor company.

Black Eyed Susan is of course the flower native to the central US and is the state flower of Maryland. A blanket supposedly of Black Eyed Susans covers the Preakness Stakes winner. But since the flower has yet to bloom, it is actually a blanket of chrysanthemums painted to look like Susans.

As for the Preakness Stakes, there are two ways to see the race.

One, Orb, the Kentucky Derby victor, is a super horse who lays over the field. He’ll have to come off the rail and pass horses and handle a surface he’s never raced or worked over. By all reports, he’s training great and his trainer is brimming with confidence. A large number of public handicappers see him as a cinch.

Two, he has had consecutive hard efforts which often leads to a decline in effort in a third effort on just two weeks rest. There is also a stat about the failure of Derby winners who close more than ten lengths. He’ll have to overcome the rail. There are new shooters with credentials. Departing is out of the key race Louisiana Derby. Governor Charlie has run fast and he did it easily. He may be a freak. And he may be quicker than Orb.

Either way, enjoy the race with the cocktail of your choice.


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