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Super Bowl Thoughts

28 Jan

For all the talk about any NFL team being able to defeat another on any given Sunday, three of the four conference championship contenders (Baltimore, New England, San Francisco) played in last year’s conference championships. Baltimore really stuck it to New England and probably ended the talk of golden boy Tom Brady being considered the greatest quarterback ever. And the same goes for Patriot coach Belichick whose last Super Bowl victory was in 2004, before Spygate. The two of them really mismanaged the clock before halftime in Sunday’s loss. They had the ball at the Baltimore 27 yard line with 40 seconds to play before halftime and they had two timeouts remaining. How many plays did New England get off? Just two! They settled for a field goal that would be their last points of the contest. Prior to this loss, Brady had been 67-0 when leading a game at halftime at home.

Baltimore used to win games despite their quarterback Joe Flacco. Now they win because of him. Flacco has defeated Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and Brady the last three weeks, the latter two on the road. In his fifth season, he has already won more road playoff games than any quarterback to ever play the game.

I have a more difficult time reading the San Francisco 49ers. They earned a bye in week one, pounded the defense-challenged Green Bay Packers at home in week two, and then played about thirty minutes of superb football at Atlanta, who had every chance to win but just couldn’t finish. Coach Jim Harbaugh has pushed all the right buttons when needed and I expect he’ll continue to do so.

But the Ravens appear to be a team of destiny. This is their moment and I like them to upset the 49ers, let’s call it 28-24.

Because the Super Bowl is played on the eve of a work day it’s not much of a cocktail event. Those that imbibe usually drink beer. There are some house parties where Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s are the norm but it’s mostly a beer event. However, that could change if the NFL can navigate its way to playing the Super Bowl on the Sunday before President’s Day. This would move more highly-rated playoff games into the sweeps month of February. It would also allow for a later start time as most observers would not be going to work on Monday. And that allows for a different type of refreshment. Just a thought.


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