A Perfect Summer Night

22 Jun

When it gets warm, I’m looking to cook outside on the grill. And I’m going to want it to be simple to prepare.  Of course gas grills today are the equivalent of an outdoor stove so just about anything is possible.

This past weekend I steamed four dozen clams using white wine for liquid with some roasted garlic tossed in. Yummy. The clams were followed by medium-rare Delmonico steaks. The marbling of fat in the Delmonico makes them a better grilling candidate than a strip steak. And by now we all know you only turn the meat once to keep it tender.  Lobster tails were next. As I’ve aged I’ve gotten away from the messiness of cooking the whole lobster. The tails were simply split, drizzled with some olive oil on top and grilled shell side down. I cheated on the grill and made dessert inside. It was an orange meringue pie. I got the recipe from carlanthonyonline.com/2012/06/13/orange-pie-i­here-i-come-californias-sweetest-slice-of-sun/.  A lot less sugar than lemon meringue.

My after dinner beverage was three fingers of Black Grousse Blended Scotch. Not only does it make me feel warm inside, it keeps warm the memory of a wonderful meal.

What makes a perfect summer night for you? I would love to hear about your favorite summertime meals and cocktails. Thanks for sharing.


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