500 Channels

26 May

15 years ago I was promised 500 channel capability by the cable giants. They were right and have delivered the capability. What they don’t have is 500 channel programming, they don’t have even 100 channel programming.

Spin through EVERY cable channel some night and you’re likely to be greeted by the following: Sports classics (Yankees, Mets, & ESPN) showing me games I watched before I had cable; Tons of infomercials; A channel playing only shows Andy Griffith starred in and another that plays only Mash, whose last episode aired in 1983; Van Sustern, Grace, King, Cramer et al shouting at me while an overloaded screen gives me way too much info on irrelevant events; Shows on cops, detectives, coroners, cold cases, prison reviews, private eyes, serial killer anthologies and more, all apparently narrated by Bill Curtis; Fifty channels that play a variety of music while the original music channels MTV and VH1 play more reality TV than anyone should watch; Judges Karen, Jeanine, Judy, Joe, Marylin, Greg, Hatchett, Lynn, David and Maria (that’s right, NINE); Law & Order appears on four channels; 24 Hour news from Rochester, NYC, Washington, Atlanta & London; 3 channels completely devoted to weather reports; 4 channels showing state and federal government in inaction; Poker everywhere; You get the idea. The best programming is on the pay channels such as HBO and Showtime but I find it best to wait a few months and watch an entire season on DVD in one weekend. Give me ESPN, my Mets, throw in a subscription to Netflix, the rest are mostly a waste.

There are special hours at Colonial Liquor for the Memorial Holiday weekend. The store will be open 12-6 on Sunday, one hour later than the usual Sunday closing time of 5:00 pm. On Memorial Day, the store opens at 9:00 AM and then will close at 7:00 PM, the same time Honeoye Falls Market Place grocery store shuts down. Colonial Liquor is also a sponsor of the Honeoye Falls Memorial Day Picnic to be held at Rotary Park on Monday. Click here for more info.


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