Bourbon or Tennessee Whiskey?

30 Apr

BourbonA common question at Colonial Liquors is, “What’s the difference between bourbon and Tennessee whiskey?” Or “Is Jack Daniels bourbon?”

Technically, Jack Daniels is not a bourbon, but a Tennessee whiskey, the difference being it is charcoal filtered for four days. The two major distilleries in Tennessee (Jack Daniels and George Dickel) use this filtration process. What it does is accelerates the aging process.

Both bourbon and Tennessee whiskey are made with sour mash and any difference in taste is from the people making the product. They are essentially the same. JD makes a big deal out of using sour mash so people think that’s the difference but makers of bourbon use sour mash too. JD & GD use less rye in their mash than bourbon distillers.

Does bourbon have to be from Kentucky? No, bourbon can be made in any of the fifty states.

For more information see the informative book, Classic Bourbon, Tennessee, and Rye Whiskey by Jim Murray.

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