Sampling Wine in Honeoye Falls, NY

9 Apr

The falls in the Village of Honeoye Falls, NYThe Village of Honeoye Falls, population about 2,600, is blessed with a number of establishments that serve food and wine. Seven places come to mind immediately. I’m going to discuss three of my favorite bottles of wine, each of which is available at a local eatery.

Those familiar with South Eastern Australia will know it’s the home of Yellow Tail wines, the largest exporter of wine to the United States. But my preferred choice of the Pinot Noirs from South Eastern Australia is Little Penguin.  It’s easy to drink, pairs up with all kinds of food and is a steal by the bottle at The Brewery. I believe The Brewery knocks $5 off the price if you order a bottle with your meal on Wednesday nights.

Franciscan Cabernet is not only available at Flaherty’s, they pour it by the glass. From Napa Valley, aged almost two years in oak, you’ll know you’re drinking a special bottle. The 2008 vintage is 80% cabernet, the remaining being a blend of merlot, Syrah, cabernet franc, and petit verdot. Best yet, Flaherty’s bottle price is well under the $49 & $52 price I’ve seen elsewhere.

Monsanto Chianti Classico 2007 was rated #32 on the Wine Spectator top 100 list. Sadly there is no more of the 2007 vintage for sale. But happily, the 2008 is considered equal to and maybe better than its predecessor. Available at The Rabbit Room it’s best to let this wine breathe a little before tasting. And if you’re not aware, The Rabbit Room is now open on the last Wednesday of every month. They offer their lounge menu along with an updated wine list.

Tell me what wines you like that are served in local establishments. At Colonial Liquor we try to carry everything that is being served at the restaurants around us.


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